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Photos can be ordered on Photoreflect.com by credit card.  This page is for pay by check or for special orders ONLY.


To Order Photos by Credit Card Online:

1. From the event's highlights gallery, click the BLUE BAR on the top of the page.
2. Select your photos, and the print sizes you want.
3. Check out with your shopping cart.  (photos from different events can be combined into one shopping cart for checkout with a single shipping charge)
4. I will print the photos and mail them to you.
(The rest of this page refers to ordering photos by Check.)

To Order Photos by Check:

1. Go to the order form page (see link at top of page)
2. Print the order form page (use your web browsers print button)
2. Fill it out with your address and your order. 
3. Send it in with your check.
4. I will print the photos and mail them to you. 


For each picture, you will need to get the information from photoreflect:

1.  Event Name:  Please include the date of the event.  Event names can be abbreviated, but make sure I can tell which event you want!  (In the example below, the date is 6/19/2005, and the event name is "Plymouth YMCA Father's Day Run")


2. Category within the event: Within each event, there are different categories of photos.  I will need to know the name of the category.  (In the example below, the category is "H - 5K Finish \ 0.00 to 21.27" <-- make sure you include the "H" !)


3.  Photo number: Each photo is numbered.  (In the example below, the photo number is "41 of 101")


4.  Price: Look at the drop down listing for pricing.  For special/custom orders, you will need to contact me for availability and pricing.  (In the example below, the price for "One 8x10 matte is $15.00")  *Please note: Pricing may be different for the same size print between different events, but not within the same event.


1. Can I use a credit card?  Yes, but all credit card orders should go through photoreflect ordering site. 

2. Can I save shipping by picking up my pictures at your medical office?  Sorry, but this option is no longer available.

3. How can I find out availability and pricing for special orders?  Email me at PlymouthPictures@aol.com and ask!